Strainer valve


Zetkama Strainer

Strainer, Ends Flanged,
Form Y-Tape

Almost none of the fluids that flow through a pipeline are perfectly clear – free of pollution and other kinds of contamination. Those unwanted particles can cause a major damage
to the whole pipeline system.

Zetkama Features
  • Compact settlement
  • Cleaning of screen without disassembling
  • Closing tightness according
    to EN-12266-1
  • Screen made of stainless steel (from DN 50 with reinforced ring, from DN 150
    with supporting basket)
Figure Number
Size Range 1/4" - 2"
Max Temp -31° C / 816° F
Pressure Rating ANSI Class 150 up to 600
Material Forged Steel, other materials available
End Threaded or Socket Weld