Yone Check Valve


supplier wafer check valve

Yone Wafer Check Valve Cast Iron Model ANSI 150

Yone Check Valve

Yone valve wafer-like profile makes it a great choice for systems requiring short takeout lengths. Wafer check valve work much in the same way as swing check valve. Like swing check valve, wafer check valve are comprised of a disc and a seating arrangement.

Yone Check Valve Features :
  • Compact wafer-style, one-piece design
  • Center post fully supports the internal assembly without external pins or plugs
  • Maximum flow area reduces pressure loss
Yone Check Valve Pressure Rating :
  • Yone Wafer Check Valve JIS 10K
  • Yone Wafer Check Valve ANSI 150
  • Yone Wafer Check Valve PN 16
SIze Range 1/2″ - 20"
Body A216 GR. WBC
Plate A351 CF8M
Spring SUS 316
Seat Metal to metal

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