WKM Ball Valve



Supplier WKM 310C5

WKM Ball Valve

WKM Model 310C5 Floating
Ball Valve

The Cameron WKM 310C5 floating ball valve satisfies a wide range of applications. Engineered for heavy-duty, reduced-maintenance performance, and available in a variety of materials, the WKM 310C5 ball valve is preferred for use in critical applications.

WKM Ball Valve Features :
  • Class V bi-directional seat sealing
  • Tighter sealing available upon request
  • Graphite seals
Several Types of This Product :
  • WKM 310F Floating Ball Valve
  • WKM 210A Floating Ball Valve
  • WKM C50 Floating Ball Valve
  • WKM 370D Trunnion Ball Valve
Size Range [mm] 1 to 4 × 3 [25 to 100 × 75]
ASME Class 150 to 600
Standards B16.34 NACE MR0175 ISO
Stem packing Adjustable graphite
Seat Deep-pocketed recessed

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