Valve for Special Aplication


RTK Diffuser Silencer


RTK Flow-control silencer / expansion after control valve to reduce noise after choked flow of gases and vapours. In order to largely suppress cavitation / evaporation in liquid media and sound reduction.

RTK Features :
  • System of two to four throttle plates
  • Including pipe expansion
  • Supplied ready to fit including the connecting elements
  • Connection to pipe in DIN or ANSI
  • The noise level reduced
  • The noise reduction can be up to 25 dB (A)

The simple and robust construction allows for fast inspection and, when necessary, replacement after wear.

Size DN 50-250
Rating PN 40-160
Max Pressure / Temp to DIN EN 1092; ASME B 16.34
Material P250GH
End Extended Male Plain / Extended Male Thread x Female Thread / Female SW