Valve for Special Aplication


RTK Control Valve With Re-Circulation Connection

Control Valve for Steam Boiler

RTK Valve electric actuator adjusts a hole cone and thus doses the feedwater quantity.

RTK Features :
  • Boiler-feed pump securely protected against falling below the minimum flow
  • Perforated cone for feed-water
  • Adjustable re-circulation flow
  • Feed-water control valve with spill back
  • Perforated plug for feed-water control
  • The mass flow through pump is constant
  • Flowrate spill back adjustable
RTK Series :
Size DN 25-80
Rating PN 16-40
Body Material 1.0619
Spindle Packing Chevron rings PTFE/graphite
End Extended Male Plain / Extended Male Thread x Female Thread / Female SW