Ball Valve For Severe Service


Supplier ITT Cam Tite Extended Bonnet

ITT Cam-Tite Extended Bonnet

ITT Cam-Tite Ball Valve For Severe Service

Cam-Tite Ball Valve can be furnished with extended bonnets for higher temperature or semi-cryogenic services.

ITT Cam-Tite Features :
  • Higher temperature
  • Unique quarter-turn
  • Internal components
  • Temperature extremes
  • Semi-cryogenic services
  • Insulation without interfering
Other ITT Cam-Tite Series :
  • ITT Cam-Tite Stem Seal
  • ITT Cam-Tite Caged Bonnet
  • ITT Cam-Tite Top Entry Metal
  • ITT Cam-Tite Severe Service Bonnet
Size Range 15-50 DN
Pressure Class 150, 300
Type Ball Valve For Severe service
Inspection Area External Valve Parts
Description Handle Assembly

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