Ball Valve


FCA Penstock Valve

The CMR Model FCA Round Type Penstock Valve

The CMR model FCA wall penstock consists of a frame with a round port and a sliding gate. It is used in water treatment installations, power stations, hydroelectric installations, purifying systems, etc…

FCA Features :
  • Tightness is obtained by the contact between a soft sealring and a stainless steel surface
  • FCA penstocks are provided with a square
FCA Accesories & Option :
  • Anti-Static Device
  • Emergency System
  • Filters
  • Headstocks
Design Standard AWWA / DIN
Pressure Up to 10 m.w.c.
Sizes DN200 to DN2500
Sectors - Hydro Power Plants and Dams - Power - Water
Material Frame : Carbon Steel / AISI304 / AISI316 Gate      : Carbon Steel / AISI304 / AISI316
Operation type Electric Actuator, Gearbox, Hydraulic Actuator, Manual, Pneumatic Actuator
Applications Hydraulic instalations, Open channels, Purifying system