Ball Valve


FCA Radial Type

The CT Model FCA Radial Gate Type Penstock Valve

The CT model FCA taintor is a radial type penstock. There are two construction types available. The first type or model is meant to be installed on channels and dams, on the surface.

FCA Features and Benefit :
  • The second model is installed at the bottom of dams
  • Used for control and discharge applications
  • The frame has a sector shape
FCA Applications :
  • Dams
  • Hydraulic instalations
  • Open channels
  • Purifying system
Design Standard AWWA / DIN
Pressure Channel version: penstock max height Bottom version: Up to 100 m.w.c.
Sizes Up to 3000x3000
Sectors - Hydro Power Plants and Dams - Power
Material Gate : Carbon Steel / AISI304 / AISI316
Operation type Electric Actuator, Hydraulic Actuator, Pneumatic Actuator
Applications Dams, Hydraulic instalations, Open channels, Purifying system
Accessories & Options Emergency System, Filters, Headstocks, Junction box, Limit Switches, Proximity switches, Solenoid valve, Stem extension