Ball Valve


FCA Compact Design Valve

The TE Model FCA Eccentric Plug Control Valve

FCA TE model is a rotatory control with an eccentric plug inside. The valve plug addopts an spherical surface that when turning the plug shaft from closed to open position, the eccentric plug design lifts off the seat smoothly, so open and close torque values are minimized.

FCA Features :
  • Balance cylinder
  • Exceed valve performance requirements
  • High flow coefficient values
FCA Operation Type :
  • FCA for electric actuator
  • FCA for gearbox
  • FCA for hydraulic Actuator
  • FCA for manual
Design Standard API / ASME
Sizes DN50/2'' to DN600/24''
Sectors - Minerals - Oil and Gas - Pterochemical Plants - Water
Material Body        : A216-WCB / A351-CF8 / CF8M / A890 Gr4A Plug          : A216-WCB / A351-CF8 / CF8M / A890 Gr4A (+Stellite) Stem        : Stainless Steel / Inconel Packing : PTFE / Graphite
Seat SS, SS+Stellite
Applications Gas, Liquid media, Slurry, Steam
Accessories & Options By-pass, Emergency System, Filters, Junction box, Limit Switches, Proximity switches, Solenoid valve, Stem extension